Europride 2015 a Milano?

Le Rose di Gertrude esprimono il loro supporto alla candidatura di Milano per l’Europride 2015.

Magenta 10th August 2012

Dear President MARCO MORI

Dear friends of ARCIGAY CIG Milan

“Le rose di Gertrude” is an association based in Magenta (Milan) which has been organizing and enhancing plenty of initiatives within the framework of the steering committe of the group “arcobaleno” in Milan.

We are fully aware that the idea of hosting “EuroPride 2015” in Milan is important for the city and its territory. Therefore. we intend to give this initiative all our enthusiastic support.

Milan, a thriving cultural, economic, political centre, has always been a city able to host and welcome all diversities. Milan has also recently been ready to show its open mindedness thus starting a new era in its history.

We reckon that, in preparation to EXPO 2015, a new age of civil rights is also possible and Europride 2015 in Milan cannot but help our struggle and the struggle of all those who fight for civil rights in this country and throughout Europe.

Let us express all our sympathy and enthusiastic support for Europride 2015 being held in Milan.

Kind regards,

Sergio Prato
Le Rose di Gertrude – President

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